Cloud Backup & Recovery

Our Cloud Backup and Replication platform provides an ideal solution for businesses looking to back up or replicate their data off-site in a secure UK-based location.

Cloud Backup

Hosting isn’t just about servers and infrastructure; it’s about understanding the architecture of your business and recognising the criticality of your infrastructure and applications. Appropriate procedures for backup can then be determined in the event of system failure.

Our cloud backups take a whole snapshot of your device, whether that be laptop, desktop, server or virtualised environment, before storing the data in one of our UK datacentre locations. This snapshot enables individual files to be retrieved in the event of onsite data loss.

Multiple retention and archiving options are available.

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Cloud Recover

Cloud Recover allows virtual machines in an on-premise environment to be replicated to our cloud platform and powered up on demand, providing seamless disaster recovery.

Our unique proposition enables businesses to replicate their production environment to our datacentres in real time, providing the opportunity for users to activate their disaster recovery on demand.

This solution is practical and cost-effective, as it eliminates the requirement to purchase extensive disaster recovery infrastructure.

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