Furlong Flooring

With over 30 years’ experience, consisting of 9 companies and operating across 5 sites in the UK and Ireland, Furlong Flooring is the UK’s biggest carpet manufacturer.

This professional flooring supplier has a turnover of over £100m and has grown to more than 400 employees

Key Outcomes:
  • All sites connected with a 100MB Leased Line, guaranteeing superfast speeds
  • All data securely stored in razorblue’s Cloud platform
  • Support their existing IT team to help with further developments to their business critical ERP system

"After a wide search to find someone who could handle all of our growing IT requirements, razorblue was the clear choice based on performance, reliability and the amount of IT related products they could provide, along with their professional approach. We had a very fragile network and infrastructure which had not been invested in for some years. Now we have a state-of-the-art IT network and infrastructure which is clearly driving our business forward."

The Challenge:

Prior to working with razorblue, Furlong Flooring’s IT and software was managed solely by one IT Engineer- this is considered a single-point of failure and poses risks to the business.

Each site was on a different network and the warehouses suffered with poor connection.

All servers were on-premise, running legacy applications and offered no data sharing capabilities. The company required a shared network that would enhance their growth and allow for collaborative working across their multiple sites.

The Solution:

razorblue provided an MPLS WAN connecting all sites across the UK and Ireland with 100MB leased lines and installed a Ruckus Wireless system in their warehouses to improve connectivity. We also consolidated all existing data from multiple sites and migrated this across to our cloud platform. This increased resilience, adaptability and allowed for collaborative working across the business.

We continue to deliver a Managed IT service to the entire company and have built a team around their existing IT Engineer to support with further developments to their business-critical Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.