With an increasing number of threats to businesses – from ransomware to software vulnerabilities, user error and unauthorised access – it is imperative that businesses manage their risk. We’re here to help.

Why us?

Risk Management Strategy

Our established team will evaluate your systems and implement a risk management strategy to include regular testing, posture review and remediation on an agreed basis to reduce your risk and enable you to stay ahead of the curve.


Our team of engineers have a wide range of security accreditation and a wealth of experience, ensuring we are perfectly placed to provide you with the support that you need.

One Team

We are proud of our own UK based engineers and we don’t outsource.

Security Accreditations

Whether your business is required to meet Cyber Essentials, PCI, HSCN, PSN or other governance standards; we have the skills required to offer you the right protection for certification.

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SOPHOS provides leading protection against evolving cyberthreats. Renowned for its encryption and antivirus capabilities, SOPHOS enables you to secure every endpoint of your network, providing maximum security and peace of mind.

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Implementing the correct protection for your email system is crucial; that’s why we recommend Mimecast for your email security.

Mimecast’s suite of products provide:

  • E-Mail Antivirus/Antispam
  • E-Mail Continuity
  • E-Mail Security (impersonation protection, detailed attachment scanning)
  • E-Mail Archiving
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The ESET product suite provides advanced protection across multiple platforms, shielding users from malware and viruses.

Their award-winning anti-virus safeguards your business against malicious activity, without slowing down your devices.

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DDoS Mitigation

Distributed denial-of-service attacks can debilitate businesses through temporary or indefinite disruption of internal services.

Our mitigation solution, delivered in partnership with Akamai, can protect you from expensive downtime by blocking attacks before they reach you.

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Penetration Testing

Our expert team can carry out internal and external vulnerability testing against key infrastructure and applications to identify security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by an attacker.

We can provide a detailed report of our findings, identifying areas of exposure and presenting recommendations to tighten security.

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Next-Generation Firewalls

Next generation firewalls give you visibility, control and protection of the traffic flowing through your network, even if it’s encrypted.

Our team have extensive experience in next-generation firewalls and are best-placed to provide advice on features and benefits, such as in-line deep packet inspection and intrusion prevention systems.

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Multi Factor Authentication

Identity theft is an easy, low-risk high-reward crime that is a threat to all businesses. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a method of screening users to ensure that only correct, authorised personnel are accessing your data.

We have extensive experience in the implementation of MFA for businesses across multiple sectors.

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