Superfast Connectivity

We’ve built our own network so we’re completely in control; whether it’s internet connectivity or a wide area network to link multiple sites, we can deliver the best-fit solution for your specific business needs.

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Leased Lines

Offering dedicated and uncontended access to the internet, leased lines are perfect for businesses with a heavy reliance on connectivity. Our fibre and wireless leased line solutions offer superfast speeds through private connections between locations. With a 4-hour fault fix SLA, dedicated leased lines provide a guaranteed connection that your business can rely on.


Our Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) service is excellent for businesses that require a stable but cost-effective connection. FTTC can offer an increase in speeds when compared to standard ADSL, as the service is delivered using a combination of copper and fibre infrastructure – ensuring higher upload and download speeds upon delivery.


Fibre to the Premises (FTTP) differs from Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) as it utilises the fibre optic cabling for the entire route between your business and the local internet exchange, increasing speeds and performance significantly.


EoFTTC is a mid-grade Ethernet service designed for businesses or locations where a leased line is not cost effective but guaranteed bandwidth is important.
It provides connectivity at the same speed as standard FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) but with no contention so that speeds are guaranteed.


EFM (Ethernet First Mile) is a dedicated connectivity service which offers guaranteed speeds.
By utilising copper infrastructure for the “first mile,” EFM then uses fibre for transit, offering an uncontended and symmetric solution with a 4 hour fix SLA.

Mobile 4G

Our own mobile network offers the strongest and most reliable connection available. With access to the biggest data network in the UK, you can work from anywhere. razorblue’s multinet bolt-on enables the mobile phone SIM to access another network if the primary is not available


For businesses that need to balance cost and performance but do not have a requirement for superfast internet, we offer a cost-effective business broadband option. Delivered over traditional copper infrastructure, our ADSL service provides business-grade connectivity.


Our MPLS networks are a perfect solution for multi-site businesses. Each site connects into a central ‘cloud’ that controls access to the internet, meaning sites can transfer data and voice traffic to each other without having to interrupt the internet, this maximises security and increases efficiency.


Ideal for remote working solutions, our Virtual Private Networks offer secure connectivity between remote workers and multiple office locations and infrastructure to deliver secure access to business data, information, storage, and applications. Connect employees, protect your business data and maintain control through this secure private network.

Why choose razorblue?

Our Network
We operate our own independent backbone network with over 20 points of presence across the UK.
Our end-to-end solution covers all aspects of IT and telecommunication infrastructure including full multi-site installations. All installations, surveys, compliance testing and documentation is conducted by our qualified engineers.
24/7 Monitoring
We use sophisticated systems and processes to constantly monitor our network and the service we deliver to clients, with full accountability for performance, speed and uptime.
We can provide diversely routed connectivity to ensure 100% uptime, by using different carriers or combining different connection types. All of our leased lines come with a broadband backup option as standard.
National Coverage
Our regional offices and teams across the UK provide nationwide IT support engineer network and support to businesses.
Service Desk
Our in-house, UK based service desk engineers provide support and work to resolve any issues efficiently within your SLA, allowing your staff to return to productivity as quickly as possible.
"The experience of our guests is paramount, and we are keen to guarantee that every visitor has the internet access they need, we work hard to ensure our guests needs are met. On a business level our internal systems, cybersecurity and connection between departments and facilities has been vastly improved. As we move towards more and more direct online bookings, it is pleasing to know our technology is capable of taking us into the next decade and beyond "

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