Craven and Selby District Council

Craven District Council provides a wide range of services to communities with a 450 square-mile radius. Based in the Yorkshire Dales, the district is renowned for its beautiful moorland, fells, market towns and villages.

Selby District Council is responsible for the surrounding area of Selby and has population of around 90,000.

The two councils have over 500 employees and work across 20 different sites.  Due to the nature of their work, both councils hold a large amount of sensitive data.

Key Outcomes:
  • Reliable and efficient disaster recovery solution
  • Data is replicated and backed up several times per day
  • Avoided third-party datacentres and unnecessary hardware

"We always aim to make the most of new technology, and razorblue has enabled us to do this for both Craven and Selby District Councils, with the introduction of a Disaster Recovery solution for our virtual environments. This work was carried out with high levels of professionalism and has addressed the issues we faced."
The Challenge:

Craven and Selby Councils both found themselves in a very vulnerable position regarding their data, with no disaster recovery solution in place. Both operate using VMware for their server environments with over 120 virtual machines between them.

They became very concerned when witnessing other organisations fall victim to data loss and sought a robust, reliable, and cost-effective solution. razorblue were able to understand their needs and provide an effective solution.

The Solution:

Having assessed both councils’ needs, razorblue suggested incorporating the two disaster recovery solutions, so that they were shared – this significantly reduced the cost incurred by each council.

By building each council’s solution into the other’s existing SAN and VMware environment, their needs could be fulfilled without the need to involve costly third-party datacentres or purchase large amounts of additional hardware.

razorblue used Veeam to replicate snapshots across the councils’ wide area network several times per day, ensuring that the disaster recovery environments are synchronised in almost real time.