Seaham Hall

Seaham Hall is a luxury 5-star hotel and Serenity Spa based in Durham, with over 21 suites and impressive spa facilities. Built on the site of the formidable Seaham House, dating back to 1791, Seaham Hall today employs over 60 staff and requires cutting-edge technological solutions to remain at the forefront of the hospitality industry.

Key Outcomes:
  • Significant uplift in technological performance
  • Superfast broadband and coverage to meet increasing guest demands
  • Affordable solution
  • Confidence in data security

"The experience of our guests is paramount, and we are keen to guarantee that every visitor has the internet access they need, we work hard to ensure our guests needs are met. On a business level our internal systems, cybersecurity and connection between departments and facilities has been vastly improved. As we move towards more and more direct online bookings, it is pleasing to know our technology is capable of taking us into the next decade and beyond"
The Challenge:

One of the region’s most luxurious hotel, spa and dining resorts, Seaham Hall prides itself on a first-class guest experience. However, when it came to connectivity, the team found that could not provide the internet speed and access needed to keep up with ever increasing guest expectations.

The Solution:

Following an initial review of the systems and infrastructure, razorblue were able to fully grasp the hotel’s challenges and proposed a future-proof solution, including a super-fast fibre leased line with new WiFi access points.

The full solution was configured and installed by razorblue in October 2019 and the upgrade from a standard broadband line to a super-fast 100mb leased line now means every part of the hotel, spa and restaurants enjoys full and fast coverage.

Additionally, a next generation firewall gives Seaham Hall confidence in its data security. The segregation between its staff and visitor networks adds an additional layer of security.