Tickton Grange

Tickton Grange is a popular hotel based in East Yorkshire thanks to its outstanding food, rooms, grounds and facilities. The hotel has won several awards for its exceptional facilities and localities and is extremely popular for business, pleasure, weddings, and events.

Key Outcomes:
  • Industry leading WiFi solution with 100% coverage across the grounds
  • 20 wireless access points and superfast fibre internet
  • Attracting and securing more corporate events

"We needed to improve and enhance our conference and events facilities. Super-fast technology is vital for this as we aim to become a major venue for the Yorkshire area. razorblue provided us with exceptional service and completely transformed our network which is already helping us to attract new corporate business."

The Challenge:

Tickton Grange was keen to attract more corporate customers and therefore wanted to improve their business facilities to be able to offer the best possible service.

Their rural location meant broadband in the area was poor with insufficient bandwidth for the hotel and grounds. The hotel needed a technological solution that would not impact its traditional aesthetics.

The Solution:

razorblue worked closely with the hotel’s management to install an industry leading WiFi solution. The project included the installation of 20 ruckus wireless access points and a superfast fibre internet connection which ensures that the hotel now has 100% coverage in all rooms and facilities across the grounds.

Great care was taken when implementing the new technology, to ensure the hotel’s traditional look and feel were retained. The hotel has already seen the benefits of this technology and is attracting more corporate events.