Ryedale District Council

Ryedale District Council is one of the 7 districts that make up North Yorkshire. The council covers an area of 575 square-miles and provides services for 52,900 residents, as well as local businesses and tourists. Set across several locations including Malton, Easingwold and Scarborough, the council has 200+ users, several of whom work from home.

Key Outcomes:
  • Cybersecurity solution that allows staff to work safely from remote locations
  • Firewall and web filtering to protect all data within internal network
  • CoCo and PSN compliant
  • Ongoing support to in-house IT team

"razorblue has successfully delivered key projects and solutions for Ryedale District Council since 2009, whilst providing a high level of technical expertise and support in key areas across the IT infrastructure."

The Challenge:

As a public sector organisation, Ryedale District Council was subject to tight budgetary restraints and had limited internal resources. Previously, their in-house IT team had taken care of their needs, however the workload was becoming unmanageable, partly due to the fast-paced world of IT security. A solution was required to meet GCSC CoCo and PSN security compliance and keep their staff, resident and business data safe.

The Solution:

razorblue assessed Ryedale Council’s requirements and in-house capabilities to offer a solution to meet all their needs. Implementing a compliant VPN and MFA means that staff can now access the Council’s network securely from home and other off-site locations. New firewalls, a more secure wireless network and web filtering were also implemented to protect the internal network and the data that resides within it. razorblue also provide their email filtering service to ensure that all mail entering the Council is void of virus, spam and phishing threats before landing in an inbox.

razorblue continue to provide ongoing management and support, ensuring any changes or updates follow a detailed risk assessment procedure, adhering to the Council’s policies.