Richmond School & Sixth Form College

Richmond School & Sixth Form College is based in the Yorkshire Dales in the market town of Richmond. The school is a merger of three smaller schools and is now one of the biggest in the area with over 1470 students. With over 700 years of history, many of its facilities are ranked ‘best in the country’.

Key Outcomes:
  • Cost effective solution with low-cost school licensing arrangement
  • Improved call handling
  • Minimal downtime and disruption

"We wanted leading edge advice about the introduction of a new telephone system. razorblue came with a good reputation and – from the first excellent meeting – it was clear that they had experienced staff who knew what they were doing. Throughout the project we always felt confident that they were working with us to find the best possible solution for the school. They delivered what they promised on time, to cost and to the quality standards agreed."

The Challenge:

Richmond School and Sixth Form wanted to improve their call handling with a leading-edge telephony system to replace their previous and outdated system. The school were looking for a professional partner they could rely on to provide a cost-effective and sustainable solution to enhance their communications and efficiencies.

The Solution:

A Skype for Business phone system was implemented throughout, using the schools existing IT infrastructure, meaning minimal downtime and disruption. This utilised the benefits of Microsoft’s low-cost licensing agreement with schools to provide a financially attractive proposition.

This solution has improved the schools call handling and efficiencies, giving real-time insight into whether the person they are trying to reach is available. The system displays if the recipient is on a call, away from their desk or busy in a class or meeting.