Pitlochry Festival Theatre

Pitlochry Festival Theatre (PFT) is a renowned cultural hub nestled in the heart of Scotland’s scenic landscape. With a rich history spanning decades, the theatre has consistently offered an array of captivating performances, highlighting the talents of both local and international artists. Embracing the spirit of community and artistic expression, PFT enchants audiences with its diverse repertoire, making it a cherished destination for both locals in the area and visitors alike.

Key Outcomes:
  • Deployed a robust captive portal system to secure demographic data and ensure GDPR compliance
  • Agilely customised the portal to ensure a personalized user experience
  • Seamlessly integrated branding and marketing strategies into the portal
  • Ongoing support and proactive measures boosting customer engagement and data security

"razorblue's exceptional expertise and dedication transformed our guest network into a secure and personalised experience. Their agile approach and seamless integration of our branding within the portal exceeded our expectations. Their proactive support and efficient handling of challenges throughout the project ensured implementation was stress free and successful."


PFT is a longstanding theatre company based in Scotland, required a secure and efficient guest network for their patrons and visitors. They needed to implement a captive portal system to collect valuable demographic information, authenticate users, and comply with GDPR regulations. Additionally, they aimed to leverage this system for targeted marketing initiatives such as promotional offers and email capture. PFT ultimately sought a solution that could offer control over their guest network without compromising user experience.


To address PFT’s requirements, razorblue collaborated with a third-party provider to establish a robust and fully customisable captive portal. razorblue were able to help the client seamlessly integrate their branding and marketing strategies into the portal, effectively utilising the platform for targeted customer engagement. razorblue configured the portal within the business’ network infrastructure, ensuring its widespread implementation across all licensed access points. Rigorous testing was conducted by our implementation team to guarantee the efficiency and security of the system before it went live, providing a seamless and secure guest network experience for PFT’s customers.