MK Act

MK Act, a longstanding charity serving Milton Keynes for over 45 years, is dedicated to supporting individuals and families fleeing domestic violence. Offering safe emergency accommodation and comprehensive services, they assist over 100 families daily. Regardless of age, gender, or background, MK Act provides crisis intervention, refuge, and tailored programmes. Committed to equality and inclusion, they offer personalised care and access to female support workers upon request. MK Act’s mission resonates with razorblue’s values, and we’re proud to support their vital work in fostering a safer community for survivors in Milton Keynes.

Key Outcomes:
  • Transitioned to a unified virtual firewall, reducing renewal costs and ensuring efficient allocation of funds
  • Deployment of Next-Gen firewall technology strengthened security, surpassing previous capabilities and mitigating risks of operational disruptions
  • MPLS implementation doubled bandwidth, ensuring seamless communication across all locations and enhancing service delivery
  • Tailored solution ensures infrastructure remains resilient and adaptable, providing ongoing support and empowering the charity

"As a charity supporting families fleeing domestic violence, we faced daunting IT challenges, particularly with outdated Sonic firewalls. razorblue's innovative approach and cost-effective solutions not only saved us money but also enhanced our security and connectivity. Their expertise and dedication have been invaluable, empowering us to focus on our mission with confidence. We highly recommend razorblue to any organization seeking reliable, tailored IT solutions"

MK Act, a charity dedicated to assisting families escaping domestic violence, were faced with several challenges that included concerns about renewal costs, as three Sonic firewalls were soon due for renewal. Simply updating licences wouldn’t prevent potential issues and downtime. This posed a significant strain on MK Act’s limited budget, requiring a cost-effective solution.

Balancing the importance of maintaining security and connectivity with their financial constraints, MK Act struggled with the prospect of recurring expenses associated with traditional firewall renewals. They needed to allocate funds carefully to support their core mission and needed and accessible solution that enabled them to take advantage of the latest technologies, helping drive their operations that was also cost effective and meet their unique needs as a charity.

Additionally, the ageing infrastructure posed risks of operational disruptions, with the existing firewalls reaching the end of their lifecycle and being out of warranty. MK Act faced the potential for hardware failures, necessitating a solution to mitigate these risks and ensure uninterrupted service delivery to those in need.


We devised a comprehensive solution to address MK Act’s challenges that included a unified Palo Alto Networks VM-100 Cloud Firewall with Threat Prevention, which was proposed to cover all sites, consolidating infrastructure and reducing initial costs. MPLS implementation ensured seamless connectivity and enhanced security across all locations. The deployment of the Next-Gen firewall significantly bolstered security, surpassing the capabilities of their previous setup. Bandwidth was doubled with MPLS circuit implementation, improving connectivity for MK Act.