Furlong Flooring

Furlong Flooring, a prominent carpet manufacturing and distribution group, boasts a workforce of over 300 employees. With five operational sites, Furlong Flooring has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering a diverse range of Carpets, Vinyls, Laminates, Wood, LVT, SPC artificial Grass and all associated accessories. Their commitment to quality and innovation made them a prime candidate for a transformative IT partnership with razorblue.

Key Outcomes:
  • Improved Wi-Fi coverage and security with unified SSID and modern authentication methods
  • Transitioning to OneDrive streamlined collaboration, offering 1TB per user and seamless access
  • Collaborative partnership ensured open communication, aligning solutions closely with evolving needs
  • Modern IT solutions boosted productivity, resulting in smoother operations

"Partnering with razorblue has transformed our operations giving us a tailored solution that updated our Wi-Fi infrastructure and successfully migrated our file storage to Microsoft OneDrive, streamlining workflow and boosting efficiency. razorblue’s detailed approach and ongoing support have been exceptional, aligning perfectly with our strategic goals. We’re delighted with the results and look forward to a continued partnership with razorblue.” "


Furlong Flooring faced two recent challenges demanding more modern solutions. As the IT landscape moves towards software as a service (SaaS) and businesses move away from more dated traditional servers which Furlong currently operate, they needed a solution that offered easier file sharing and a more collaborative approach to working. Alongside this they weren’t utilising the full capabilities of their current Microsoft 365 Business Premium licensing such as OneDrive for Business Plan 1 which provides 1TB of storage per user.

They also required an overhaul of Wi-Fi infrastructure in their distribution centre in Dublin. Their warehouse was operating end of life and out of support Cisco Aironet AP’s as well as insecure legacy wireless authentication methods. In addition to this their new handheld scanners did not work on legacy authentication methods, so this prompted a requirement to upgrade.


In response to the challenges presented, razorblue provided a solution tailored to Furlong Flooring’s unique needs. The Wi-Fi infrastructure underwent a substantial revamp, featuring a complete wireless refresh and the strategic deployment of new access points. Originally Furlong operated 2 Ruckus access points in Offices at Dublin as well as the Warehouse Cisco network meaning their SSIDs were split across two solutions making management more complicated. We provided a new Ruckus solution across the site combining existing AP’s as well as new ones throughout the warehouse. This allowed Furlong SSID’s to be rolled out across the full site, increasing coverage as well as providing modern wireless authentication methods across all networks, increasing security posture and futureproofing the solution itself.

To address the storage challenges posed by their traditional file servers, razorblue began a migration of all user shares from their file server in razorblue cloud to Microsoft OneDrive. This allowed for a much more collaborative approach streamlining storage management and providing 1TB of storage per user. This allowed users to manage their storage independently marked a significant improvement over the previous system. The migration to OneDrive provided several additional benefits and significant improvements over their previous system including unified storage, seamless file sharing and access to files from anywhere on the go allowing for more collaborative, modern working.