Buckles Solicitors

Buckles is a nationally recognised law firm with a strong presence in multiple locations across the UK, including Bristol, Cambridge, London, Nottingham, Peterborough, Solihull, Stamford and Swindon as well as two international offices in Paris and Milan. Buckles have a full comprehensive range of legal solutions with big growth ambitions. Along with their ambitious growth strategy Buckles drive transformative IT initiatives that drive business growth and efficiency whilst delivering the best legal guidance and support. They offer a full range of legal services from Corporate and Commercial to Family Law and International.

Key Outcomes:
  • Seamlessly integrated new offices, enhancing connectivity and productivity for 30 new users within a swift 2-3-week timeframe
  • Deployment of cutting-edge collaboration technology empowering efficient and seamless teamwork
  • The implementation of MPLS internet connectivity and cloud firewalls bolstering the stability and reliability of infrastructure
  • End-to-end IT services resulting in enhanced productivity and collaboration across multiple sites

"razorblue’s tailored IT solutions have seamlessly integrated into our growth strategy, allowing us to expand with confidence. From swift onboarding of new users to the deployment of cutting-edge collaboration technology, razorblue has exceeded our expectations. Their agile approach and unwavering support have been instrumental in streamlining our workflow and boosting productivity across multiple locations. We are delighted with the results and look forward to a continued partnership with razorblue as we continue to innovate and grow."


With razorblue as their dedicated IT provider for several years, Buckles understood the value of having a dependable ally to help them navigate the evolving technology landscape. Buckles Senior Account Manager works with their CIO and IT Manager on strategy aligned to their growth and to help them deliver their goals.  Buckles recently extended its reach and opened two new offices in Bristol and Swindon. This strategic move required a swift and seamless onboarding of 30 new users and to bring these sites into their existing MPLS solution.  They required a solution that quickly brought their new sites online, providing new technology, robust connectivity and meeting room kits for multiple of those new sites as part of their expansion strategy.


In response to Buckles evolving IT needs, razorblue swiftly implemented a comprehensive solution aligned with their growth and innovation goals. For the recent acquisition of a department spanning Swindon and Bristol, razorblue provided the necessary infrastructure, including firewalls, facilitating a seamless integration of new users into Buckles’ network within a 2–3-week timeframe. This quick turnaround ensured that these users gained immediate access to Buckles’ cloud assets, creating a cohesive and integrated environment. Recognising the importance of optimising meeting room experiences, razorblue installed Teams Room kits, monitors, and docks. These were deployed across all offices, ensuring that each new site opening was equipped with the latest collaboration technology and the ability for all users to hot-desk allowing a seamless integrated into Buckles’ network.

The implementation of MPLS internet connectivity through cloud firewalls streamlined internet traffic, providing a unified and secure connection for all locations. On-premise, Azure and razorblue cloud servers are managed by the razorblue team and Buckles own internal IT Team ensuring the stability and reliability of Buckles’ IT infrastructure. In addition, razorblue took charge of connectivity, procured additional Microsoft 365 licensing, and managed crucial components such as Citrix and Mimecast, offering a comprehensive IT solution tailored to Buckles’ unique requirements.