Border To Coast

Border To Coast Pensions Partnership is the largest Local Government Pension Scheme pool in the UK. Founded in 2018, it provides innovative and responsible investment opportunities to deliver attractive long-term returns for LGPS Partner Funds. Collectively responsible for £60bn, the Partner Funds represent more than one million LGPS members and 2500+ employers.

Key Outcomes:
  • Microsoft Power Apps centralised reporting, reducing reliance on multiple data sources and excessive emails
  • A single Microsoft Form per data object integrated into a central spreadsheet ensured easy data updates and consistency
  • The new system prioritised data security, meeting industry regulations and protecting information
  • Effective training led to a smooth transition and user acceptance of the improved processes

"We have grown significantly as an organisation since we were established nearly six years ago, and our large internal investment team has grown in both size and sophistication. Improving our processes and models ensures we continue to deliver for LGPS Partner Funds. razorblue’s expertise and collaborative approach was instrumental in streamlining our reporting procedures, with data security paramount. The result was a smooth transition to a more efficient system which helps us make effective data-driven decisions."

Alongside providing Border To Coast with Managed IT services, they approached us when with the need for a solution that helped focus internal processes to produce reports and collate data more efficiently.

Previously, reporting was collated from numerous data sources and management were sending multiple emails to team members. As a result Border To Coast felt it could benefit from a more tactical solution that ensured everyone used a single source when it came to reporting.

As an existing customer, Border To Coast took advantage of razorblue’s end-to-end service offering and Microsoft Power Apps expertise to help provide a solution that was future-proofed and ensured data continued to be secured and protected.

Due to the nature of the business and the regulations of the industry, cybersecurity is always the top priority throughout all projects with Border To Coast.


With expertise in Microsoft Power Apps, we were able to discuss Border To Coast’s requirements and implement an innovative solution to improve its business processes and efficiencies.

As a result, we were able to streamline processes with key input from the team and stakeholders at Border To Coast, ensuring it was built around their business process requirements.

Our solution meant that a single Microsoft Form per data object and department could be created which could later be approved and then integrated into a central locked spreadsheet that everyone could pull data from.

With a single process for data collection in the right place, users were able to update, manage and improve data easily.