Acculabs Diagnostics UK Ltd, based at Wynyard Business Park, is one of the UK’s leading private pathology organisations employing over 40 staff. Acculabs has been providing high quality pathology services to the NHS and General Practitioners, the private sector, and overseas clients for over 30 years. During this time, they have installed and managed over 120 laboratories in hospitals and clinics.

Key Outcomes:
  • New software allowed Acculabs to increase its Covid-19 testing capacity to thousands of swabs per day
  • Repeatable, reliable efficient testing
  • Software eliminates paperwork and manual administration to increase efficiency
  • Laboratory-specific and bespoke to Acculabs

"razorblue have been a crucial partner in our journey to successfully provide COVID-19 testing at a nation-wide level. Having worked closely with the team for a number of years, we were confident that their skills and expertise meant we could scale up efficiently whilst providing reliable results minimising human input. It is thanks to these systems that we were able to step up capacity to thousands of swabs a day and provide testing for workforces in the industry, retail and commercial sectors as a means of safeguarding staff and their business."

Having worked with razorblue for over five years, Acculabs Diagnostics utilised razorblue’s managed IT services as well as cloud servers and email security before embarking on specialist software projects. These were bespoke builds to integrate several specialist processes and systems in response to Covid-19.

This was a critical and time-sensitive project to increase Acculabs’ efficiency and Covid-19 testing capacity to support the NHS, government and businesses through Coronavirus pandemic.

Due to the nature of the business and the vast volumes of extremely sensitive data Acculabs handle, there was absolutely no room for error.


razorblue worked with Acculabs to understand their needs and expectations of the project, ensuring the system was reliable and secure with an easy-to-use interface to ensure the success of this project.

The new software has eliminated paperwork and manual administration. It is laboratory management-specific, linking data such as what the sample itself is and where it has come from, to the results following testing. The result has been repeatable, reliable and efficient testing at a time where it is needed more than ever.

Acculabs has upped capacity to thousands of swabs a day and taken on 14 new staff to provide round-the-clock testing, all of which is possible following the implementation of the software.