razorblue become the first company in the world to employ a team of sloths

North East-headquartered managed IT service provider razorblue which has seen 363% growth over the last five years, has added to its team once again with the appointment of another species…

This new team, consisting of 2 Pygmy three-toed sloths has joined Cyber Essentials Plus accredited razorblue to support the growth of its cybersecurity team to further increase their security and help analyse threats.

Sloths are known as adorable and lethargic animals usually living in treetops and spend much time of their lives in the canopy remaining hidden from predators.

Few know that sloths are very intelligent animals. Due to their slow, patient nature, they have the ideal skillset needed to analyse cybersecurity log data.

They have an extremely low metabolic rate, which means they move at a languid, sluggish pace through the trees. On average, they travel 41 yards per day- less than half the length of a football field!

razorblue recently invested more than £600,000 in their new head office space, a portion of which will become a dedicated live plant room to allow the sloths to enjoy their natural habitat when not at work.

Dan Kitchen, CEO at razorblue commented: “We have always been known to be ahead of the curve at razorblue and we are now proudly the first company in the world to employ a different species.

I never thought I would say this, but I am thrilled to welcome these sloths to the razorblue team, as we continue to ramp up and expand our cybersecurity team.

As we reflect on the turbulence of cybersecurity in the past year and look forward and predict the future of it, unfortunately, cybercrime is only going to get worse.

We are excited with our new recruits as they are going to play a key role in keeping businesses safe.”

Believing in team development and diversity inclusion, the firm have plans to add both pale-throated and brown-throated sloths to the team in the coming months.