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World Backup Day takes place on Sunday 31st March and with that in mind, David Sharpe, one of our Technical Architects shares his top tips on backups and why they should be such a vital part of your business IT solution.

Why are backups important?


Cyber-attacks cause issues for businesses everywhere, whether through insecure holes in your network or more targeted phishing attacks in order to gain access to company data. You should have multiple layers of security such as email filtering, a next-gen security appliance and antivirus across your IT estate to help stop these attacks; but your business can also suffer from other disasters like fires and a malicious insider too. If your data is compromised or lost then you’ll need to get it back with minimal loss of productivity and time, meaning you’ll need to recover it from a backup.


What are air gapped backups?


It’s important to keep a backup away from your network with a literal gap of air between it and your backup, as malware and ransomware can destroy any data on a network it gains access to – including your backups.


What can I protect with a cloud backup solution?


Backups may traditionally be used to backup your servers, but what about field staff who use laptops all the time and inevitably don’t save files on the server? You can backup their computers whenever they’re connected to the internet, meaning if they’re lost or stolen they don’t lose productivity by having to redo their work. Don’t forget to encrypt them too…


I already have backup, why should I consider cloud backup?


Not only are you satisfying the off-site recommendation, but when implemented properly it creates a virtual air gap between your network and your backup by only creating a temporary connection to the backup location for the period of the backup. Some products, such as our Cloud Backup solution make it impossible to delete or interfere with cloud backups within the backup software, ensuring your cloud copy is always safe.


What makes razorblue’s cloud backup unique?


You can also restore the backup of your on-premise environment to our private cloud environment for seamless disaster recovery, to one of our UK datacentre locations with varying offline retention and archiving options to suit your needs.

We’re passionate about backups because they’re so important in creating peace of mind for our clients.

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