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Hannah joined the team at razorblue in April and has settled into her new role with ease. We managed to fit into her very busy schedule and asked her a few questions on her role and enthusiasm for IT.

Tell us a bit about your background…

My educational background is in the Arts… which is about as far away from Tech as it gets!

I have a BA Hons degree in English Literature and a Masters degree in Contemporary Literature from York St John University. I fell into my first technical sales role in 2015 as a Trainee Account Manager for an ISP/MSP in York. Since then I’ve held various technical Account Management and Business Development positions within the IT/Digital sectors.

Have you worked in IT before?

Yes, I’ve worked in IT since 2015 and, to say I started out as a complete technophobe, that’s probably not bad going!

What is your new role at razorblue?

As New Business and Marketing Executive, I am responsible for showcasing our diverse portfolio of IT solutions for business. Whether I’m out on the road representing our brand, sharing the word about razorblue, meeting with clients to collaborate on projects or composing proposals and responding to tenders, I am always available for a chat!

What attracted you to the role and the company?

I wanted to work for a company that I could believe in and get excited about. For me, the best thing about razorblue as a company is the authenticity. After working for a few resellers along the way, I am proud to put my name to a company that are an end-to-end provider. As a salesperson, it is also incredibly refreshing to be encouraged to be transparent when representing razorblue. We don’t do politics, we’re just honest.

What are you looking forward to the most?

The variety! I’m very fortunate to work in a sector that is always changing and innovating. I’m afforded the opportunity to speak to new people daily whilst expanding my technical knowledge and sharing my enthusiasm. There are exciting things coming for razorblue and I’m delighted to be able to be part of that.

What’s your favourite gadget?

Predictable, but it has to be my phone! As well as connecting me to the rest of the world both socially and in business, it’s also my go-to for music, sat-nav, note-taking, reading and photos!

You have £3,000 to spend on anything tech. What do you buy?

Probably a giant 4K curved-screen smart TV, a new laptop, a Blinq ring and maybe a ridiculously over-priced GoPro to attach to my cat…

Have you ever had to give tech advice to friends and relatives?

I’m fortunate enough to have a very technical other half, so that responsibility tends to fall to him.

My advice is generally to turn it off and on again…

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