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Hello Gary – welcome to the team!


What’s your background?

From leaving school (many, many years ago) I embarked on an apprenticeship in IT – my first position was in a Secondary School, assisting the internal IT team with the day-to-day running of the school’s computer systems. I then moved to a Managed Service Provider where I stayed for 16 years, making my way up the ranks to Engineering Team Leader, looking after all the field engineers and organising projects and workloads. I then moved to the company’s Data Centre Team heading up a new department within which looked after all backups, disaster recovery and storage for customers while also managing the team I built. However working for one company for so long was limiting my knowledge of IT and business processes so I chose to see if the grass is any greener… and I’m so glad I did! I moved to razorblue and started working in the Project Infrastructure team, the learning curve was steep but the guys in the team were great and I felt at home very quickly.

What is your new role and what do you get involved in?

My new role sees me take on a completely new challenge. I will be looking after a wide range of customer accounts, bringing IT solutions to their business and making sure they are happy with the service we provide. I will also be working closely with the account management team to plan and implement projects to a detailed and high standard.

What’s the most interesting project you’ve been a part of?

I would have to say being asked to implement two VOIP telephone systems was very interesting, getting the systems implemented and working to the specification the customer was looking for.


How would you describe your job to a total stranger?

Account Manager for a Northern-based IT company dealing in IT solutions for all types and sizes of business.


What’s your favourite part of working in IT?

The diversity it brings, no day is the same in IT.


What’s your favourite gadget?

I would probably have to go with my Xbox One (sorry PS guys) although I don’t seem to get to play as much nowadays.


What’s been the biggest life change since you started working in tech?

Moving to razorblue was a pretty big step for me after working in one place for so long.


You have £3,000 to spend on tech. What do you buy?

BIG 4k TV, the newest Xbox, iPad Pro and if there was any left over an iPhone X.


Have you ever had to give tech advice to friends and relatives?

When have I not would be a better question, as soon as anyone finds out you are in this industry it’s like you have a sign on your head with “Free IT advice here” on all the time!


Thank you Gary and good luck with the new role!

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