Empowering Charities with Technology Solutions

At razorblue, we’re committed to supporting not-for-profits in their mission-driven work and believe in leveraging our expertise to support those who make a difference in our communities. Our focus is on delivering affordable and accessible technology solutions tailored to the unique needs of charities and as part of this initiative we offer a range of exclusive benefits and discounts to charities.
We are committed to empowering organisations to focus on their mission without the burden of high IT costs. Here’s how we’re making a difference:

Charitable rates on Managed IT

At razorblue, we extend preferential rates on managed IT services exclusively for charitable organisations. Our tailored offerings ensure that non-profits in the UK can access high-quality IT solutions without exceeding their budgets. With our support, charities can allocate more resources to their core missions, confident that their IT requirements are expertly managed by our team.

Professional services discount

We offer a generous 20% discount on professional services to charitable organisations. Whether it’s implementing new systems, optimising existing infrastructure, or providing ongoing support, we’re dedicated to helping charities maximise their IT investments.

Dynamics 365 and power apps discounts

For charities utilising Dynamics 365, we provide discounted user prices and free Power Apps licenses. Additionally, we offer access to powerful Power BI services to unlock insights and drive informed decision-making. This ensures that charities have the tools they need to streamline operations and achieve their goals.

Cloud Fund Pot

Through our cloud fund pot initiative, we allocate resources to support charitable organisations to help them transition their infrastructure to the cloud. You could take advantage of a portion of our £250k funding pot and access cloud solutions tailored to your needs including cloud backup and recovery as standard. From managing cloud spend and security to compliance and governance our Cloud Fund Pot could help you migrate to the cloud without compromising on security.

Migrating to the cloud can help ensure optimal performance and adjust in line with your business growth. Alongside this it could help reduce capital expenses with a pay as you go model eliminating the need for hardware investments and lowering overall IT costs. You’ll also be able to benefit from advanced security measures including encryption, firewalls and regular backups to safeguard your critical business data.

Whether it’s migrating data, hosting applications, or scaling infrastructure, we provide financial assistance to ease the transition to cloud-based solutions, enabling charities to operate more efficiently and effectively.

Microsoft Nonprofit Hub

Did you know your organisation can access free Microsoft 365 licenses and Azure consumption? From productivity tools to advanced analytics, Microsoft technologies can be used to drive impact and create positive change.
Finding out if you are eligible is a simple process with key three steps:
1. Complete the registration form and provide proof of your organisation’s eligibility. (See what documentation is required for your country).
2. Eligibility Confirmation: You should receive an email with your eligibility results within ten business days.
3. Access the Microsoft Nonprofit Hub: If you are eligible, you’ll receive an email link to the Microsoft Nonprofit Hub where you can take advantage of grants and discounts.
If you want to learn more about the substantial M365 license and Azure savings, you could be entitled to please get in touch, and we can help optimise your Microsoft experience and help you make big savings on your expenses.

Azure funding

We understand the importance of reliable and scalable cloud infrastructure for charities. That’s why we can help you take advantage of Microsoft’s Azure funding opportunities to help offset the costs associated with hosting and managing workloads in the cloud. This funding can fully cover assessments for projects including how it can be run and the costs for those that generate a minimum of £24k annually alongside funding towards projects that meet a minimum cost of £10k annually.

With our support, charities can leverage Azure’s robust capabilities to innovate, collaborate, and achieve their mission objectives.

We’re dedicated to supporting charitable organisations through discounted rates, funding initiatives, and access to cutting-edge technologies. razorblue is more than just an IT partner; we’re your dedicated partner in achieving your charitable objectives. Let’s amplify your impact together.

Contact us today on or call us on 0333 880 0000 to explore how our technology can help drive your missions forward