Elevating Client Experiences: Investing in our Project Management Team

As we embrace a new era and are now somewhat of a larger business, our commitment to providing exceptional services to our clients remains unwavering. One of the key pillars of this success lies in our Project Management team, the backbone of our operations who are there to ensure seamless execution and delivery of projects.

Over the past year, we have strategically strengthened and increased the size of our Project Management team by 50%, propelling us into a new phase of growth and innovation. We have also reinforced our Project Management capabilities and diversified our methodologies to cater to our diverse client base, and diverse project requirements.

The Power of Methodology

A crucial aspect of our success lies in our commitment to employing the right methodologies for each project. Our Project Management methodology is not a one-size-fits-all approach, instead it encompasses a blend of three strategies, allowing us to tailor our approach to fit the needs of each diverse project.


For the majority of IT and application development projects, we primarily employ the Waterfall methodology. This uses a sequential progression of project phases including requirement gathering, design, development, testing and deployment. This provides us with a structured framework that ensures thorough planning, documentation and a clear understanding of project scope, milestones, and deliverables.

Agile We recognise the importance of adaptability and quick delivery in certain projects, especially in application development. Hence, we leverage the Agile method which promotes iterative and incremental development, enabling us to quickly deliver functional software increments and gather feedback for continuous improvement. It fosters collaboration, adaptability, and flexibility, with frequent stakeholder involvement throughout the project lifecycle.

Customised Project Methodology

Not all projects require the same level of complexity or approach. For smaller, highly repetitive project types, razorblue has developed a customised project methodology derived from Microsoft Sure Step. This unique approach amalgamates industry best practices with our knowledge and experience, empowering us to streamline processes and expedite project execution. By tailoring our management strategy for these projects, we ensure optimal efficiency and deliver timely results without compromising quality.

Empowering the Project Management Team

Behind our methodologies stands our skilled and motivated Project Management team. Our commitment to delivering a five-star service is what led us to invest in bolstering this crucial department. By expanding the team size and expertise, we have ensured our clients receive the highest standard of service, regardless of project complexity or scale.

Our Project Management team members are not only well-versed in the methodologies we employ but also equipped with the soft skills required to communicate effectively, manage stakeholder expectations, and be flexible and adaptable. The increased capacity of our team allows us to handle multiple projects simultaneously and has led to a more streamlined client experience, without compromising on quality or deadlines. Additionally, our ability to tailor our approach to each project’s specific needs ensures that we always deliver with precision and efficiency.

Meet the team

Our Project Management Team ensure seamless coordination and efficient completion of projects. Their expertise and professional approach ensure every project we carry out delivers optimal results for our clients.