Do you have the insight into your business that you need? 

If you, like many others, have used these unprecedented times to reflect and re-evaluate your current business processes, you may be considering an upgradeReplace out-dated and time-consuming administrative tasks (e.g. cash flow, purchase order approvals and forecasting) with a comprehensive and user-friendly management solutionMicrosoft Dynamics 365.  

Here at razorblue, we are happy to offer bespoke packages to suit your individual business needs that guarantees improved efficiencies 

What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? 

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a scalable solution to improving efficiencies within your day-to-day systems. Providing enterprise-level features to accommodate all business sizes and sectors, Dynamics offers all the tools you need to grow, adapt and streamline your business 

The Microsoft Dynamics Business Central platform allows businesses to accelerate their financial close, visualise financial performance in real time, and improve forecast accuracy while maintaining compliance and security. Optimise your sales pipelineboost profitability and maximise efficiencies with end-to-end insights across all departments (including operations, purchasing, manufacturing, stock, and warehouse management)Additionally, Dynamics is a management tool for your sales process and guarantees exceptional customer service through a clear and connected view of customers and service operations 

Below are just some of the ways Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help your business become more efficient. 


Through comprehensive data tracking and analytics, across a wide range of departments (including customer service, sales, retention and finance), Dynamics enables business leaders to gain a deeper understanding of their current business processes and identify any missed opportunities.  

Not only is there a great deal of data to consider, but this needs sorting to ensure only relevant and valuable insights are analysed. Typically, several different components would be required to compile, sort and analyse such data. However, working with razorblue’s experienced Dynamics 365 specialists and developers makes this complex and often disjointed process, streamlined and user-friendly.   


A Microsoft Dynamics system can fully automate your data entry processes, replacing the time-consuming task of manually entering data. This in turn, eliminates the risk of human-error, such as entering inaccuracies or irrelevant data.  

Additionally, Dynamics 365 can unify the capabilities of CRM and ERP platforms into a single cloud solution, creating a single tailored business application. Instead of taking two separate software platforms and linking them together, Dynamics 365 consists of individual intelligent business applications that work collaboratively.  

As a fully embedded component of the Microsoft 365 suite, Dynamics seamlessly integrates with Office 365eliminating the need to train staff on any new or additional systems. 

One size certainly does not fit all, one way in which you can streamline your business is through customisation. With Dynamics you can completely customise the solution to suit your requirements, ensuring you make only necessary changes to optimise your company procedures and processes.  


Microsoft Dynamics 365’s modular approach allows you to grow the platform at a pace that suits you and your business. Each application works on its own or collaboratively, so you can decide which features to start with and which ones to add later by licensing only the components that are needed for your business.  These applications follow responsive design principles, are browser-based, and accessible from anywhere, on any device.  


Dynamics 365 can increase your employee efficiencies by providing a fast and effective communication system, this cloud-based function also creates a central database that can be accessed by users and staff from anywhere. 

The automation function relieves your workforce from tedious administrative tasks to make better use of their time and skills. Whilst also ensuring consistency across all documents via a standardised syntax. 


Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be a huge step forward for your organisations IT services, regardless of size or sector. To find out more about Microsoft Dynamics contact us here to take the first steps on your digital transformation journey.