Digital Transformation – what’s all the fuss about?

The pandemic threw the corporate world into virtual mode and digital transformation became a priority.

“Digital Transformation” is the process that enables businesses to successfully implement new change through technology.

Such change enables inherently new business processes and customer experiences to meet changing demands and market requirements.

Transformation is a journey and activities may vary greatly in size, complexity and approach but are critical endeavours for any organisation.

In many ways it can be viewed as a spectrum, ranging from “going paperless” to “automating reports” to “digitalising entire production lines”.

So, why now?

Change is constant, and the pace continues to accelerate. Spurred on by the pandemic, businesses have been somewhat forced into digitalisation.

Many have surprised themselves with the speed and success of their digital initiatives, with recent studies claiming that up to 7 years of digital progress has been achieved in just a matter of months.

The need for business continuity, agility and new ways of working has resulted in business leaders taking more of a strategic approach to driving businesses forward through innovation and transformation.

Now is certainly the time that all regions across the UK need to not only recover but thrive.

With forces such as digital, remote working, cyber threats, regulation and net-zero (to name a few) in play, Digital Transformation is more imperative than ever before.

Getting started

Whilst there is no single guidebook on successful transformations, we have observed and recommend the following common attributes:

Think big, start small

Digital transformation is very subjective and there is no one-path. It is easy to be bold with your goals, but you also need to be realistic. Think big and start small. Every journey is different and the most successful transformations start with small changes, building momentum and learning through doing.

  1. Buy-in is a must

All transformations require a cultural change. The most successful are those led by accountable leaders who collaborate and communicate the vision clearly with the rest of the team.

  1. Surround yourself with skills

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight and takes a specific skillset to get projects off the ground. You’ll have a much better chance of success and return on investment if you work alongside a team of transformation experts with a deep understanding and extensive experience in digitally transforming businesses.

  1. Don’t forget the bigger picture

It’s easy to focus and obsess over the project in hand. But it is important organisations create the culture, capability and confidence to sustain new ways of working and be better prepared to face ongoing change. Remember, digital transformation is not a destination, but a journey.

How we can help

We have seen an influx of business leaders calling upon digital transformation as a tool for their business growth strategy.

This includes businesses who were previously reluctant to invest, but who since the pandemic, have seen the value available.

Whether adopting business intelligence tools, automation, or a mixture of the two, such digitalisation is what will provide businesses the tools needed to prosper in a time of uncertainty.

Our in-house software division are made up of digital transformation experts, who are well-accustomed to taking longer-term business objectives and creating detailed roadmaps to showcase options on how best to reach these goals.

To keep up with the growing demands, we have increased our employee count by 30% to ensure the technical support for our clients is kept to a five-star level of service.

Our team are Microsoft Gold Partners and continue to develop our product offering, with specific focus on Power Apps such as Artificial Intelligence and Power BI, to enhance operational efficiency at a time when its most needed.

At razorblue, we are more of a partner than a provider.

We execute, automate and secure scalable and sustainable solutions and work with clients at every stage of their transformation journey.