Core Values- more than just words on the wall

Our Head of People, Joanne Finkeldey shares her thoughts on the importance of truly embedding core values in your company’s day-to-day operations and the benefits we have experienced in doing so.

We have always worked extremely hard to create a culture of professionalism, development and teamwork that empowers each of our employees. We strive to maintain a positive approach to all aspects of working life and in harmony with our core values.

Our core values were mined from what is important to us and our team, and these values are truly internalised by everyone.

They are more than just words on the wall, they are integrated into our company DNA and influence every action and decision we make. They are principles we live by each day and are aligned with our business goals and objectives.

Impact on productivity

Core values support the vision, shape the culture, and truly reflect what your company values.

Numerous studies have found that organisations who have values that are truly internalised and embedded into the culture, experience benefits including:

  • a positive impact on staff retention
  • motivated and productive behaviours in staff
  • an open attitude to change and improved business outcomes
  • attracting suitable candidates to the company

Impact on recruitment

Our core values make us who we are as an organisation and we need to make sure we are adding the right people into our team.

Recent focus on the significance of cultural fit and strategic hiring has brought us plenty of advantages when looking for the ideal candidates.

This is where value-based interviews come in. We place a big focus on hiring those whose personal values, behaviours and beliefs align with the core values of razorblue.

When a newly hired employee’s culture preferences align with the working environment, he or she not only feels happy and content in the new role, but also gives the best performance.

The benefits of value-based recruitment are not just confined to ensuring every employee is on the same page, we have also observed a more progressive and healthier working environment, as well as improved staff morale.

Impact on development

We invest heavily in the development and training of our employees, creating genuine human connections and motivated employees who feel valued and want to achieve.

We look for people who are hungry to learn and develop and we continue to invest in those people. This forms our ‘human’ core value.

We always celebrate milestones and achievements, in recognition of the team’s hard work. It is important to acknowledge and reward success, aligning with our “quality-driven” and “motivated” core value.

In our recent Employee Engagement Survey, 93% of employees agreed with the statement “My manager (or someone in management) has shown a genuine interest in my career aspirations”

Our Employee of the Month recognises and rewards individuals who have gone above and beyond in their role. We also have a weekly end of week catch up, with the entire company where each department gets to share their successes and accomplishments for that week.

As well as this, we run an annual awards evening, recognising employee’s outstanding efforts and achievements throughout the year.

It is important for our team, who are typically dispersed across numerous locations to come together and celebrate our successes.

Impact on customer service

Our quality-driven, motivated, and committed core values are all key players in the five-star customer service levels we offer at razorblue.

All our employees live these values every day, resulting in an improved customer satisfaction score.

Our NPS is monitored daily, meaning we need staff who have these values embedded into them to exceed customer expectation and solve any issues effectively and efficiently.

Our growing list of industry-recognised accreditations and awards prove our commitment to our customer service.

Integrity is another important value of ours and we encourage honest communication both internally amongst employees and management, as well as externally between us and our clients.

It is this honest feedback that allows us to continually improve and develop.

Our core values

Our core values hold a huge importance and serve as a reminder to us as individuals working towards a common goal.

  • We are honest
    • Integrity is at the heart of everything we do, harbouring a transparent approach to business and delivering on promises.
  • We are quality-driven
    • Providing innovative, relevant, and sustainable solutions through a team of technical professionals.
  • We are committed
    • Taking ownership and providing exceptional service to our customers, employees and communities.
  • We are motivated
    • Pushing boundaries, embracing change and fostering innovation to further improve and drive our success.
  • We are human
    • Prioritising the development of our team and supporting local communities through continued investment.
  • We are #teamrazorblue