Advanced Security with Microsoft 365 Business Premium

With Microsoft Business Premium you have access to a wide range of advanced security and device management applications, alongside Microsoft’s industry-leading range of productivity enhancing solutions.

Business Premium facilitates modern workplace opportunities through additional security features including:

Windows Defender

This provides you with enhanced antivirus and cyber threat protection across all Windows 10 devices and protects your Office 365 environment against unsafe attachments, suspicious links, phishing attacks and ransomware.

Windows Virtual Desktop

Experience a more secure desktop environment across any device (whether corporate or BYOD) and any location. This is an ideal solution for businesses operating remotely.

Endpoint Manager

Take control of your data by managing device and user access to business information. This feature keeps your company data secure through approved mobile apps and allows you to easily remove business data on any lost or stolen devices. Endpoint Manager policies can be separated from personal apps, a useful feature for employee using their own personal device for corporate use.

Azure Information Protection

Block the sharing of sensitive company information and place restrictions on copying, saving, and sharing business data. This feature also includes unlimited cloud archiving.

Azure AD Premium

Enable secure remote access to on-premises business applications with multi-factor authentication (MFA) ensuring only authorised personnel can gain access. MFA is an additional layer of protection, designed to prevent unauthorised access to your corporate systems.

Conditional Access

Protect your organisation from access attempts from unexpected users, networks, devices, or locations. Access can be granted based on numerous factors such as credentials, location, IP range, job role. Apply policies to block access to any apps using legacy authentication methods, or if the log-in attempt is from a new or unusual location.

Advanced security with razorblue

Attackers are smarter and more convincing than ever before, and one method of protection is not enough to fully safeguard your business. Companies with unprotected data and/or weak cybersecurity solutions in place are increasingly vulnerable to attacks.

At razorblue, we recommend a multi-layered approach when it comes to security. The nature of any technology is that all companies are at constant risk of an attack, even the most secure ones. With that in mind, business leaders should always assume that one line of protection will fail.

Employing multiple solutions from different vendors minimises the risk to your business if one is compromised. We believe in a multi-vendor approach and work with the best security vendors in the industry.

We can work with you to get the most out of Microsoft’s extensive application ecosystem and the additional security features offered within the Business Premium licence. Whilst offering expert advice and audits on your current security solutions, to ensure your business is fully safeguarded.

To find out more, get in touch with one of our security experts today.