Gale and Phillipson

Gale and Phillipson is an independent financial and investment firm with a long history of providing financial management solutions to personal, corporate and trustee clients.

The firm has evolved across 9 office locations with over 100 members of staff.

Impressed by razorblue’s unique approach to IT solutions, Gale and Phillipson appointed razorblue as their IT provider back in 2014.

Key Outcomes:
  • Remote working solution which was tested, approved and scaled up in a very short time frame
  • Seamless onboarding of new users into the system within a 1-week period

"We have always been extremely impressed with razorblue’s unique approach and understanding of our business."
The Challenge:

Since the pandemic and the urgent requirement for home-working capabilities, Gale and Phillipson needed a solution that allowed them to work both remotely and securely.

Due to the nature of their business, when implementing a remote working solution in response to COVID-19, cybersecurity was paramount.

Their management team anticipated lockdown restrictions early on and required a secure platform to allow over 100 office-based staff to work remotely using their own devices.

The Solution:

All users were migrated onto a secure platform to enable remote working. This was tested, approved, and scaled-up in a very short time frame, allowing the company to operate as normal from the morning after lockdown measures were announced.

Following Gale and Phillipson’s latest acquisition, razorblue onboarded 15 new users into the system over a 1-weekend period, ensuring that the remote-working solutions were ready to use from day one.