razorblue support keeps ShipVet buoyant

razorblue support keeps ShipVet buoyant

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Service: ShipVet

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The Challenge:

A crucial element of all software is the ongoing support and the ability to continually mould the application, so it remains current and fit for purpose. Like many businesses, ShipVet found themselves facing the risk of their application no longer being supported.

The risks of this can mount up quickly. Should the software suffer glitches or bugs, it is unlikely that it can be maintained or improved, there is no method to enhance or develop the software further. So no matter how much the business grows or changes, you’re stuck with it.

Most companies don’t like picking this up because they inherit other people’s problems. They just want to build a new one.

razorblue’s approach is different.

Client Profile:

ShipVet were formed in 1988 to provide ship vetting inspections to the six companies that control the chartering of most of the world’s oil tankers, collectively known as the ‘Oil Majors’. The offering grew in 1997 to include additional services following demand from the chemical industry and today offers ship vetting, assessments, expert witness work and training to some of the largest operators and vessels on the water.

As the business has grown and developed, so have the processes and systems needed to run it. Initially ShipVet were reliant on third party software created by their web development company. They became concerned when the framework came to the end of its life and their supplier did not have the capability or expertise to provide solutions.

The Solution:

The team at razorblue inherited the existing software, which involved inspecting and understanding the source code, this is almost like learning a new language, so that support is reinstated and the risks to ShipVet alleviated.

“We aren’t limited to one framework. We blend our vast array of technical expertise with commercial acumen to provide creative and innovative solutions. We often help our clients to see outcomes or improvements they didn’t even know existed or were possible. It’s very exciting to get under the skin of a business and understand its rhythm and heartbeat. It’s even more exciting to show them how software can make that rhythm faster or stronger”.

The Result:

Working alongside Fintan Cullen, Managing Director, we gave a thorough overview of the software and how it was or wasn’t meeting the needs of the business.

razorblue now provides support for ShipVet’s systems within a stringent service level agreement meaning their needs are continually met. Our client support and service delivery are second to none.

At razorblue, our software capability and expertise means we simply provide the best solution. We do not have a pre-determined product to sell, we can support existing, adapt out of the box or build bespoke and whichever of those we recommend will be because that is the right thing for the client, and every one of them is different.

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