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Why us?

Expert Knowledge

Using our team of specialists with a vast array of experience both developing bespoke applications with .NET, PHP and other languages as well as deploying and customising off the shelf products such as Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint we can uniquely provide a wide spectrum of business software solutions.

Strategy & Analysis

Our forward-thinking approach ensures that we are up to date with the latest advancements in process and technology helping you to leverage new technologies to keep your business at the cutting edge.

Focused around you

We work directly with you to ensure we can understand your business which not only allows us to deliver to your initial requirements but help conceptualise solutions to new challenges as they arise.

Scalable Solutions

As our bespoke solutions are built from the ground up ensuring that you only implement what you need and don’t end up paying for a colossal system with features you don’t need.


Bespoke Applications

By designing solutions around your business and only developing the features that you need, we can make lengthy tasks more efficient.

Our team of dedicated specialists have decades of experience working with many common programming languages harmonising technology with business requirements.

Bespoke applications don’t attract increasing licensing costs as your business grows as the solution is developed directly for your business.

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Microsoft SharePoint

Included in many Office 365 subscription models, SharePoint integrates seamlessly with the office 365 suite. SharePoint is an effective solution for clients looking to build a business intranet or implement a document management system.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365

We work in partnership with you to define and refine your business processes we can implement and configuring Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Formally Microsoft NAV the Dynamics 365 suite provides a powerful set of applications capable of running your entire business. With on premises and cloud deployment options Dynamics 365 is a versatile tool for any size of business.

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Analytics & Business Intelligence

Out data scientists can help you get the most out of the systems and date you already hold. Out selection of Business Intelligence tools including Microsoft Power BI allows us to aggregate data from many data sources to provide a 360 overview of your companies data.

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Artificial Intelligence

Using cutting edge industry leading technologies we can develop AI tools to enable machines to make intelligent decisions and judgements. With pre trained and untrained models AI can be added to existing systems or as standalone projects.

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Legacy Application Support

Using our extensive portfolio of development practices and languages we can utilise this knowledge to support clients with existing software platforms. In addition to supporting existing applications we can managed existing development team to increase throughput and provide strategic guidance.

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