Building Infrastructure

Our established data cabling team have extensive experience in copper and fibre cabling across a wide variety of projects, including access control installations, CCTV deployments and IOT implementation.

Why us?

Superior Components

We use only world-renowned EXCEL components installed and tested using our own FLUKE and OTDR testing tools.


We recognise that high-quality infrastructure is the backbone of any project; that’s why our data cabling team implement exemplary foundations for your IT.

WiFi Solutions

We are well-versed in the deployment of high-performance, secure and resilient WiFi solutions that provide excellent coverage to numerous locations. From factories and warehouses, to offices and multi-tenant buildings.

Data Cabling

We can provide the following data cabling:

  • Copper Cat5e/Cat6
  • Singlemode fibre
  • Multimode fibre

These can be used for a multitude of business operations including:

  • Wireless Connectivity
  • CCTV
  • POS Systems
  • PDQ Systems
  • Phones; PCs
  • Printers
  • Main Heating Control Panels
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CCTV implementation can help tackle concerns over security and employee safety. Installing an an up to date CCTV package tailored to your business can increase security and provide recorded coverage.

Our CCTV implementations can provide:

  • Full coverage to areas in the premises, as well as covering external areas and car parks
  • Optional HD recording to store CCTV footage for replay
  • Cameras can be mounted to prevent vandalism

Our experienced team can populate a CCTV coverage plan along with a full kit list in alignment with your requirements.

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Access Control

An access control system helps to keep the security of your business at the absolute maximum. It enables businesses to understand the personnel entering and existing your premises. Not only is this helpful from a security perspective, but also provides assurance in the event of an emergency.

The system usually consists of distributing  a card/ key fob to all members of staff, allowing them to to ‘buzz’ in and out of the premises; this can be easily managed from a centralised portal.

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IoT Devices

We’re experts in deploying next-generation IoT technology into the business landscape.

Here are just some of our areas of expertise:

  • Meeting Room Booking Solutions
  • Digital signage
  • Voice & Facial Recognition
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