The Hawk Creative Business Park

“ We jumped ahead of our competitors and invested in fibre optic connectivity, offering speeds of up to 100MB. This connectivity, together with the excellent support that we have received throughout from razorblue, has been a critical part of the unique offering that complements exactly the high quality of everything else that makes up The Hawk. ”

Mary Duffield, Business Park Manager

The Hawk Creative Business Park, set in the beautiful grounds of the Hawkhills Estate in Easingwold in North Yorkshire, is a technology park aimed at unique businesses, offering energy efficient, sustainable offices to a diverse range of clients, from clothing and telecoms companies, to illustrators and insurance brokers.

The challenges

The Hawk's objective was to be a business park that catered for the technological requirements of its varied tenants. As such, robust connectivity was critical to the project’s success.

Installing fibre connectivity into a business park can be a costly and complicated undertaking, and ongoing management in a multi-tenant environment requires strong technical knowledge. The Hawk needed to find a supplier that would provide them with the connectivity that they required, as well as a reliable after-service to ensure that tenants were able to take advantage of the facility.

razorblue’s results

razorblue specialises in providing and maintaining fibre optic connectivity, which offers numerous benefits to clients.

Following consultation with The Hawk, the decision was taken to engage razorblue to install fibre into the business park.

The fibre is leased to The Hawk which then sells cost-effective connectivity to their clients, adding another stream of revenue for the business park. razorblue offers ongoing facilities management, taking care of connecting and maintaining tenants on the park – shaping the bandwidth as instructed by The Hawk.

Clients enjoy robust connectivity solutions tailored to their needs, including leased lines, simulated ADSL, and super-fast (up to 100Mbps) uncontended connections with symmetrical upload and download, and a guaranteed four hour fix time. What's more, razorblue monitor all of this infrastructure proactively around the clock.

This allows them to make the most of new technologies such as IP telephony and separates The Hawk from their competition.